Transitioning between Mindfulness Meditation to Zazen

All things related to beginning Zen Practice. Here is where to exchange information between those that have already started Zen training and those planning to do so.
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Transitioning between Mindfulness Meditation to Zazen

Post by Great Sage EofH » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:58 pm

In other posts, I have chronicling making the transition from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction style sitting practice to Mindfulness Meditation as it’s practiced in Thich Nhat Hanh centers to Mindfulness of Breathing Straight Outta the Sutta (l0l) to Zazen in the shikantaza fashion. Guo Go made a strong pitch for Silent Illumination that I can’t ignore either. At the same time I’m beginning to explore some of the ancient texts that support these practices. By the time of the first few patriarchs of Chinese Ch’an they are known to have said samadhi and prajna must be practiced concurrently (insight and calm) and the 14th Chapter of the Lotus Sūtra, where moving forward, meditation instruction is given, the two are already one. It’s worth noting that in the Theraveda world some call sitting practice vipasanna, others call it samatha, but neither is considered to be complete without the other. Anyway. My premise is that there exists in Indian Mahāyāna an unbroken thread of one path (Bodhisattvayāna) and one practice. Zazen fits the bill.

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