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Re: Kinkaku-ji

Post by Kaya » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:21 pm

I believe that *virtually* every student here, and the moderators as well as the owner, appreciates and supports Meido in his several venues. Thus, as far as I can tell, no one here wants to remove his monastery picture except you.

I appreciate the visual arts, but I know more about music and guitar. I'd love to hear a zendo bell or temple going sound gently once or twice while visiting the page with the monastery picture. That's the only change/enhancement I would support, and I'm not pushing it. It is already
clear in my mind. And Admin here already does enough.

You should either drop this push to erase Korin-ji, if you have not already, or contact Meido and ask if he still feels honored to represent us in this way. If he does not, then you would have a better argument. I am sure he would be gracious and informative in reply. And some day you even might want to follow up with him. He has much to offer as a teacher.

I do appreciate your several picture postings, and if you have other pictures of specific monastery architecture, related art, sculpture, gardens, interiors, etc., consider starting a thread, or at least posting in the existing Photo thread. Anecdotes or histories of such places might also be interesting.