Mental States and Zen

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Re: Mental States and Zen

Post by narhwal90 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:50 pm

In another thread the question of mental states as related to the influence of psychedelics was discussed. This is not an attempt to resurrect that topic here but to note that I found when I could hold the mind composed and unattached it was less prone to visions & dreams- sweat decreased and the body was calmer. When overwhelmed and unaware tending into waking dreams, sweat increased and pain dominated. In this way a zazen-like method, practiced on the hospital bed, repeatably produced a state though I would prefer a different word that conveys something of the dynamic nature of the experience.

It occurs to me this sounds similar to plain old zazen on the mat, obtaining a condition where the "rube goldberg" machine quiets- or perhaps viewed as something closer to an "unaltered" state.

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