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Post by Great Sage EofH » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:09 pm


can you send me a link to that?

It's assumed it's easy to find, but I'm not finding it.

Why post something as a discussion item then lock it? It should be displayed somewhere durable on the web site itself. Posts disappear over time.

I think (my opinion) that the TOS, Moderation, Direction of the Forum, have become an obsession that is stifling discussion. Many have repeatedly expressed this, but the effort to control abuses has swept away these voices and concerns.

I can't object to the TOS itself because as I said I can't find it.

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Post by Great Sage EofH » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:18 pm

Furthermore, I don't like talking to an anonymous "Staff" - much less PM-ing to them. You asked us to disclose our identities when we joined here, and now - how dare you - you are hiding yours. It's an affront that I won't abide by. My last message. You need to search your heart to find out why you are like this. It's not nice.
"We are magical animals that roam" ~~ Roam

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Post by Caodemarte » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:40 pm

Moderators can be found at memberlist.php?mode=team or by pushing “The team” icon. Staff names will also show up in dark orange (or other highlights in different color schemes).

The TOS can be found at

1.The primary purpose of Zen Space is to provide a forum for discussion of Zen Buddhism.

2. Language showing basic politeness and respect is the rule for all discussion. Under no circumstances may defamatory statements be made in these forums. The use of excessive profanity, ad hominem, offensive language or links promoting discrimination towards others may lead to post deletion and possible banning.

3. As a Dharma forum, Zen Space is not a place to cast aspersions on Buddhism or Buddhist teachings. Using the board to proselytize for other religious traditions will not be tolerated. At the same time Buddhist sectarianism and bad-mouthing of other faiths are strongly discouraged.

4. Reasoned debate and disagreement are welcome, but denigration of another’s path is not. Members should remain mindful that different Zen lineages approach the path in various ways and according to a student's conditions.

5. Members should take care to begin topics in relevant parts of the forum. Miscellaneous topics, including discussion of non-Buddhist traditions, are welcome in the Lounge. Similarly, members are asked to keep discussion focused on the stated topic of the thread. Rather than post off topic in a thread, please start a different thread. Threads that veer off topic may be split or closed by Zen Space staff.

6. Please do not post the same message to multiple forums.

7. Please do not post repeatedly within a thread before others have had a chance to reply to your initial post.

8. Avoid posting excessively or compulsively: post only when your words contribute meaningfully to discussion of a thread’s topic. Casual chat is of course welcome in the Lounge.

9. Please try to post concisely and in plain language. Not all members have English as their primary language; the use of abbreviations in place of words, or a non-standard layout of text, are needlessly confusing for many.

10. When posts contain quotes or images, indicate the sources. Please observe applicable copyright law when sharing text, images or videos belonging to third parties.

11. Forum members are happy to share their experiences. However, you are more likely to get a helpful response if you have already made reasonable efforts to investigate a topic yourself. Making the effort to search for previous discussions about a topic at Zen Space, and for information elsewhere online, is good practice before starting a new discussion topic.

12. Zen practice is traditionally conducted with guidance from an authorized teacher. Requests for Zen practice advice should therefore be directed to one’s own teacher who can reply in a manner appropriate to one's conditions, rather than to strangers on this discussion board. Please be aware that even Zen Space members who are authorized Zen teachers, if they lack personal knowledge of the questioner, may be able to give practice advice of only the most general kind. Finally, members who are not Zen teachers should hesitate to dispense Zen practice advice to novices, as it is unethical (and possibly harmful) to do so. Note that this is not meant to prevent members from sharing their practice experiences with one another.

13. Discussion of teacher-student exchanges in Zen practice that are traditionally considered private, for example so-called "answers" given in koan practice or teachings received in a teacher's interview room intended solely for the recipient, are not permitted.

14. Members may register only one account. The use of actual names and avatar photos is desirable.

15. Responsibility for the content of all posts at Zen Space rests solely with the authors. Zen Space makes no representation regarding the validity of the information supplied in posts, and readers should make their own assessments before using such information.

16. Members who are suffering a serious mental illness should seek diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical professional within their community. Those suffering from an acute phase of a mental illness, including intention to self-harm and/or suicidal ideation should seek immediate assistance (e.g. Members are asked not to use Zen Space as a platform to express intentions of self-harm or suicide, the experience of voices or other hallucinations or symptoms of acute mental illness.

17. Posting or other actions which breach these Terms of Service or cause a disturbance in other ways, should just be reported to Zen Space staff for action at their discretion. Members should refrain from attempting to moderate or correct other members.

18. Moderator actions are not appropriate forum discussion topics. Please contact staff directly by PM to discuss these.

19. The Terms of Service apply equally to private messages (PM’s) between members.

In addition, the Zen Forum now has its tradition-specific subfora. For tradition-specific discussions and inquiries, use these please.

Zen Space wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:39 pm
Now that the forum is well-established and active, staff would like to create conditions here that support the forum’s purpose and require less moderation.

We are therefore asking everyone once again to avoid posting that detracts from the forum's focus on discussion related to Zen Buddhism. Especially to be avoided are impoliteness, off-topic posting, and other things that offend against the basic guidelines in the TOS.

Beginning now, we have instituted a two-warning policy for infractions. A member will be banned for one year upon the occurrence of a third infraction. (Warnings expire one year after each is given, and warnings given previous to this announcement do not count - so essentially everyone has a clean slate as of now.)

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to staff via PM only.

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Post by Dan74 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:49 pm


the reason it was posted from a "Zen Space" account was to reflect that it was a decision of the Staff, ie Caodemarte, Meido, Clyde and Dan, as the current Mod team. Sorry if that came off sounding glib and impersonal. I completely agree with you that the discussion about moderation has been taking an inordinate amount of oxygen on the forum. From my perspective, this is due to 2-3 members who have required moderation and who don't like it. Who does? But we've got to look at ourselves, as Bukowski has written. I've been moderated on fora in the past. It doesn't feel nice, I know. Ultimately, we have a responsibility to try and make it a good space for the discussion of Zen Buddhism. We are going to make mistakes and rethink our approach no doubt. But for now, lets all do our best.