Cancer Ango 3

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Cancer Ango 3

Post by Great Sage EofH » Tue Jul 03, 2018 4:57 pm

So, as noted earlier, since March I’ve spent a total of 8 weeks in Kentucky with my Dad who has died from cancer. The challenges to maintain a practice were daunting as caring for two 90+ yr olds was only part of it. The siblings became quarrelsome as everyone began to experience high stress fight or flight syndromes. Managing the social landscape became a big part of the picture, not a natural job for me. Then there was travel, my wife’s health issues, and then my Mom collapsed with from malnutrition and low sodium levels (Hyponatremia)

Now I’m caretaking for another family member full time who has cancer, we’re going into the 3rd week of chemo right now. This has made sitting on a zafu a front-burner issue. In addition I’m doing a huge study of the history Buddhist meditation, with guidance from faculty and friends from University of Texas at Austin Texas, with an emphasis on South Asia. As you know, I’m affiliated with TNH Thien, so my primary practice is closer to the Theraveda monk’s practice which is widespread in South of Vietnam. It is very similar to “samatha” but it does contain many vipasana elements.

I’ll try to keep posting here, but I’m afraid Dharmawheel has become too toxically negative to continue with. The best way to control the negativity is to not participate. It’s rule #1 when trying to keep a positive outlook when fighting cancer. It applies to both the patient as well as the caretaker. It’s gotten so bad that even when I quote Tibetan masters I catch flak from it. They have issues.

Moving forward from here, I’m thinking about going into a teacher role maybe during my remaining years, and possibly setting up a rural practice center. Not sure really, but I’ll be in Northern California this month looking into it
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