Bingeing: Healthy? (Not Always Unhealthy?)

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Aka spike

Bingeing: Healthy? (Not Always Unhealthy?)

Post by Aka spike » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:26 am

My favorite binge: longer motorcycle rides on twisty country roads. I already commute 62 miles everyday to and from work, so a backroads cycling weekend, to me, is healthy.

1. Food
2. Alcohol/drugs
3. Meditation, eg.: sesshin
4. Posting on a blog
5. (You fill in)

1. Food: some people binge on food because, for whatever reason, it is suddenly available. My dog Kaya is a great fan of "street food", or anything low-hanging (she's a 12 lb bichon/poodle mix, and not so tall. I believe this is a survival cue: load up while you can).

2. Some people binge on alcohol, for example, on weekends at a club. Or ostensibly to relieve stress (weekends), but stay straight during the work week. Problem?

3. Is sesshin a binge? Can one be a max student without this specific, intense tool?

4. If your name appears in 8 out of 12 "Active Topics" at a single time on a (this) blog, are you bingeing? Is your considered opinion: constructive, necessary, well-prepared/spontaneous? What mix of insecurity. ego, compassion, insight, self-awareness, etc., is on display that you can see? What is the effect? Is an effect desired that you can realize?

5. Eg: I subscribed to PBS and binge-watched Downton Abbey two summers ago.

a. But: on school bus layovers, I probably play too much smart-phone sudoku.

b. But: I can really drink (you under the table), but I try not to (so don't get in my face). Favorite now is Pauli girl or Beck's N-A.

Okay not to reply. Maybe just do your own internal inventory.

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