How about..?

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How about..?

Post by bokki » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:49 pm

hehe hee, heya lounge crushers!
as the topic name suggests, offer your ides of a fun lounge, or anything within the site ...

for example,
id say:
let's organise a lounge zen party, once a week at a certain GMT,
of just joking, hanging out, bla bla, socialising, springing new ideas..
ALL invited, and those who cant bcs of time diff, add some words later.

do you have any ideas?

for example:
el g wondered if we could sell our zen produce on-site, he makes great flutes..
a constant poll section could be set up..on any question.
a topic of "How are you doing today?"
remember the "I sat today dairy" at zfi?
maybe a skype or whatever, social talking..
my pets, plants?
a content creator volunteer?
and....ok, ok

of, corse, if there is
no interest lets skip this.
ill add one more thought though.

you know how those zen gardens look so beautiful and natural?
well, they are meticulously planned and tended to.

anyway, heya to you all.
Another log on the fire,
10,000 frogs singing in the rain,
burst into flames.
- Linda Anderson

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